The Disciples of Mercy invite you to share the Mercy of God and His Goodness in your lives after reading these messages.  God’s Mercy is Yours!!

Transcript of Videotaped Testimony of anonymous older man, Drug Rehabilitation Center, Lima, Peru, following a healing service in which the man was prayed over by the Disciples of Mercy:   “ I was feeling conscious, and I was asking the Lord to listen to me, so I felt a big  peace.  I  had joy and I wanted to sing and to cry.  Something touched me on the left side, close to my heart- it was the love of God.”

Transcript of Videotaped testimony of Carlos, young man at the Drug Rehabilitation Center, Lima, Peru, following a healing service in which the man was prayed over by the Disciples of Mercy: “I asked the Lord when I was being prayed over to give me some peace, to give me more faith.  And so I rested in the Spirit.  And now, I feel that this was a gift from the Lord. And before,  I used to carry the Rosary just to carry it.  But now, I know that the Lord is real in my life and He wants to be with me.”

Transcript of testimony  from a  mother of her five year old son, Alex, I  am grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing the DOM throughout this past year into our Church.  Through their love and devotion, teachings and inspirations my son has gotten to learn to pray, to worship the Lord, to intercede for others.  He has grown in faith by seeing the miracles that the Lord does through their prayers and intercessions.  Through the year I have seen a desire growing in his heart to serve the Lord and to be his servant in the priesthood.  It is a gift from God to devote oneself to teach children, to plant a seed that tomorrow will be the fruit of the Spirit through the love and mercy that our children will give to those in need by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Parent of one of the members of the Children of Mercy Youth Group Plantation, FL Disciples of Mercy.

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