Prayers Jesus and the Blessed Mother Taught Lori
April 30, 1994 – September 17, 1996
Prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart
(December 28, 1995) Our Lord requested that this prayer and a prayer of consecration to His Mother be said daily
Father, Eternal Wisdom and Majesty, transfuse my entire being
with the light of your love. Place my heart within yours. Place my mind
within yours. Place my spirit within yours. I consecrate my life to the
Sovereign and Omnipotent God of All Creation. Help me to be
mesmerized by your love. Help me to forsake my earthly attachments.
Help me not to be distracted by the things of this earth. Lord, I come
before you on my knees, completely willing to empty the blood from my
veins and to accept your blood. Help me to be hungry for your Body and
Blood every day, as you desire to nourish me in the Holy Eucharist. I ask
now for my seat at the heavenly banquet, that my seat remain empty until
you, Lord, call me home to heaven. I consecrate and offer my life as
reparation, that I may obtain by this offering a seat at your banquet for
someone who is lost from you. With abundant gratitude I accept the blood
you have shed for me at Calvary. Let me be distracted in your love and
nurtured by your blood. May the name of the Lord be blessed forever.

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
St. Louis De Montfort’s Consecration
Lori had requested the Blessed Mother for a prayer of consecration
to her Immaculate Heart. She informed Lori that she favors the DeMonfort
I, N., a faithless sinner—renew and ratify today in thy hands, O
Immaculate Mother, the vows of my Baptism; I renounce forever satan, his
pomps and works; and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate
Wisdom, to carry my cross after him all the days of my life, and to be more
faithful to him than I have ever been before. In the presence of all the
heavenly court I choose thee this day, for my Mother and Mistress. I deliver
and consecrate to thee as thy slave, my body and soul, my goods, both
interior and exterior, and even the value of all my good actions, past,
present and future; leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of
me, and all that belongs to me, without exception, according to thy good
pleasure, for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity. Amen.

Prayer for Righteousness and Perseverance
June 1, 1994
Almighty and everlasting God, Eternal Father, prepare my heart in the
ways of goodness and righteousness. Let perseverance be your gift to me,
O holy and eternal God. From age to age, eternity to eternity, you are my
God, mighty and eternal. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever. Amen.

Prayer for Unity and Proper Direction
June 10, 1994
Father, hear the voices of your children roaming in the wilderness, the lost
and scattered sheep of Israel. Father, unite your children. Bring them
home to the heaven you have prepared for them. By your mercy, let all
men find love enkindled by the Spirit of Love. Rejoice, O Israel, for the
spirit of the Lord is among you. Give praise and glory to the Lord, your
God. The Lord is one, and holy is his name. Blessed be the name of the
Lord forever. Amen.

Prayer for Hope in a Time of Adversity
June 21, 1994
Almighty and everlasting God, who knows the hearts of men but you? Who
stops the destroyer from entering the hearts of your chosen ones? Despair
not, O Israel. Remember the compassion of the Lord, your God. Call upon
his mighty name for his right hand will sustain you in despair. Father, come
to your children. Weak and wretched, they await your mighty arms. Place
them in the chariot of your heart and bring them to the heaven prepared
from the beginning of time. Most holy God, Giver of Mercy, Giver of
Comfort, we adore and praise your mighty name. Amen.

Prayer for Purification
June 22, 1994
Sustaining Lord, who lifts me out of the mud by his mighty hand, turn not
your face from me. Close not your eyes nor your ears to my call, for I am
weak and have been scarred by my sin. Cleanse me, O Lord. Make me
a new creation in thy sight. Blessed be my rescuer, the Lord of Hosts.

Prayer of Petition
June 29, 1994
Lord God, Father of All Nations, Lord of the weak and of the mighty, open
your ears to hear the cries of your people. Send your Spirit upon the earth,
O Father, that he may dwell in the hearts of all. Then, O Israel, rejoice in
the saving majesty of the One, True God. Hear our prayers in our
weakness and wretchedness and say, “yes” to your children, O Lord.

Prayer for Comfort and Sustenance
July 11, 1994
O Holy and Sacred God, Founder of Creation, our light in the midst of
darkness, our hope in the midst of despair, be never far from our hearts.
Press your ears to our sighs, O Lord, our God. Be ever near when we call,
and quickly wrap your sustaining arms around us. Keep us safe from our
adversaries and be ever one with us, O Lord. Amen.

Prayer of Repentance
July 30, 1994
O merciful God, Creator and Redeemer, I come before you in my
wretchedness. I am an abomination in thy sight. I can do no right, nor
serve you, for I am made blind by my wickedness. Accept me O Lord, and
by thy mercy transform me, that I may be pleasing in thy sight. I am a
sinner, Lord God. Have kindness and compassion on me who is nothing
before thee. Make me holy, O Lord, and teach me thy ways, and I shall
persevere by your grace to be an abomination in thy sight no longer.

Prayer for Mercy
August 17, 1994
O Eternal Father, Majesty of Heaven and Earth, your mercy pours forth
from the everlasting fountain of your love. From eternal to eternal, so
mighty and infinite is thy mercy. Let sinners rejoice, that thy mercy may
cover us and cause our hearts to burn with the fire of thy love. Let the rays
of the Divine Mercy shelter us and make us holy in thy sight, for thy mercy
is so abundant. O Lord, our God, we implore and beseech thy mercy in this
great hour of our redemption, that we may join your heavenly court and
dwell with you forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Transformation
September 8, 1994
Eternal Father, who can gather the sparrows as they fall from the nest, who
can breathe life into the dead and transform a heart of stone into a heart of
love, Father, we implore thy goodness and mercy, lest we fall from the
nest of thy great love. Keep us always in thy bosom that we may see thy
glory and salvation. Amen.

Prayer for the Lord’s Faithful Guidance
October 13, 1994
Eternal Father, from the infinite treasures of thy heart you have prepared
a dwelling place for your people. Forget not your people, Israel. By your
mighty right hand guide them back to your holy city. Let all of heaven and
earth proclaim your mighty name and shout your praises, for thou art our
God, Mighty and Eternal. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever. Amen.

Prayer for Virtue and Purity
December 10, 1994
Beloved Spirit of God, who is with wisdom in the ways of counsel, who is
the God of Right Judgment, I come before you lacking in virtue and purity.
I implore you, O Spirit of God, to embrace my heart and by the fire of your
love purify me and place my feet upon the foundation of holiness. For
mighty are you, O Lord, my Redeemer, who tears apart and rebuilds by his
own breath. O Lord my God, keep not your Spirit from me, for I desire to
walk with you all the days of my life. Amen.

Prayer for Docility
(January 17, 1995)
Redeemer of Israel, Sanctifier and Purifier of Souls, we long to
dwell in the land of the righteous. We desire to build a new house which
we may call the Temple of the God of Israel, who is Holy, who is One. Let
the fire of your love purify us. Make us pliable and useful to you, that we
may become upright in thy sight. Close not your eyes. Make not your ears
deaf to our pleadings. O Lord, drown us in your mercy and hear our
lamentation, for the Lord is our God and holy is his name. Blessed be the
name of the Lord forever. Amen.

Prayer for Humility
(March 1, 1995)
Father, Eternal Master, grant us the garments of humility that we
may come before you desiring reconciliation. For in that hour, Father,
surely you shall not chastise the truly humble and repentant of heart.
Though we be naked before you, take away our layers of pride and greed
of heart, and gently cover us in the sweet fragrance of humility. Dear
Father, turn not your face nor your ears from our cries, but in your mercy
hear and answer us. Amen.

Prayer for an Increase of Faith
(May 10, 1995)
Father Eternal, Majesty Most High, I desire to love you with a pure
love. Grant me the grace of faith that I may ponder your marvelous works.
Father, I cannot approach you without faith. I pray that despite my
sinfulness you will hide me under the umbrella of your love, and let your
lovely countenance shine upon me, and I shall bless your Holy Name
forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Healing
(May 15, 1995)
Father Eternal, by the merits of your most obedient Son, our Lord
Jesus Christ, we come before you sick and wounded by our sins. Heal us,
O Lord, and take our iniquity from us by the passion of our most merciful
Savior, Jesus Christ. Heal us of all our suffering both in body and soul, and
fill our hearts with the fire of your love. O Holy Master, grant us new
hearts. Mend our wounds. Transform us into your image, that by our
healing we may bring glory and honor to your Holy Name. For all thy
benefits we thank thee and bless thee forever. Amen.

Prayer of Praise
(August 6, 1995)
Gracious God, humble and generous in thy affections,
compassionate and loving in thy responses, consumed with love and mercy
for the wretched, I come to offer you nothing but praise. I come
acknowledging you as Lord and God. I come seeking your counsel and
wisdom. But most of all, my gracious God, I come to adore you and praise
your Holy Name. May the name of the Lord be blessed and adored, forever
and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Love with the Heart of Jesus
(September 6, 1995)
Infinite God, source of love and comfort, source of all creation,
blessed be your Holy Name. Teach me your ways, O God. Reveal your
heart to me that by your love my heart shall burn as a candle upon the
eternal altar. O Father Eternal, set a flame in my heart. Teach me your
ways, teach me to love with the Great Heart of Love. May the name of the
Lord be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Holiness
(October 27, 1995)
O Spirit of Truth and Righteousness, Protector of the Tabernacle
of Each Heart, look with pity upon your children. See the chalices which
they themselves have filled and empty them, O Spirit of God, into the
ocean of your forgiveness. Set a new chalice in front of each heart and
bestow the gift of holiness upon each one of us. Fill every chalice with
good works, desires for your love, and graces from the Eternal Gift-Giver.
And then, Most Holy God, Spirit of Light and Love, permit us to drink from
the cup that you have anointed with your Blood. Let every mouth proclaim
the glory of the God Israel. Amen.

Prayer of Consolation
(November 21, 1995)
Father and Majesty of All Heaven and Earth, what could a wretch
like me say to console you? I shall say that I am grieved by my offenses
to you. I shall say that I will worship and adore the Union of the Three, the
Most Holy and Blessed Trinity. On my knees do I come to whisper love
songs to you. Grant me your passion to love you. Grant me your heart to
love the world. Grant me your eyes that I may see your crucified body
impaled upon the heart of everyone I meet. And when I love the stranger,
it is because I love you. When I do my work silently, it shall be to console
your grieving heart. When I am forgiving of those who mock and wound
me, I will be anointing all your wounds. When I console others, then I am
consoling you, my God. Amen.

Prayer Prior to the Sacrament of Reconciliation
(December 12, 1995)
Eternal Father, I am a sinner; have mercy on me. Beloved Jesus,
I am a sinner; have mercy on me. Beloved Holy Spirit, I am a sinner; have
mercy on me. My heart and my soul are blackened by my offenses. Grant
me a voice of confession and not one of omission. Permit my most holy
Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to place her loving arms about me as I
confess my sins. Permit her to obtain for me mercy and forgiveness from
you, my God. Grant me your eyes to see my iniquities. I place them at the
foot of the Cross and I ask you to cover them in your Holy Precious Blood.
Heal me of the scars of my sin, O Lord, and make me a pure, unspotted
lamb in your sight. Amen.

A Prayer for Eucharistic Ministers
(January 16, 1996)
O Spirit of Wisdom and Truth, with gratitude I accept this great
opportunity to feed your poor and hungry people. Cleanse me and forgive
me for all of my offenses. Let me be a pure vessel to bring the Bread of
Life to God’s people. I am only a servant at the foot of the Cross. As the
blood from your wounds spills upon me, allow me to place it in the chalice
of your mercy and give it to your people to drink. Allow me to carry your
broken and wounded body in my arms and present you to those who
hunger. And if I should wander from the flock, come and find me, Lord.
Nurture me, forgive me, and feed me, so that once again I may become
one of the gardeners to take care of your precious rose [the Church] upon
the earth. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Aridity
(February 13, 1996)
Father Eternal, the desert surrounds me. The mountains reject me.
The valleys scorn me. The rivers laugh at me. I call your name, my God,
for you are my refuge. Place sandals upon my feet that they shall not be
scorched by the hot desert sand. Place a staff of perseverance in my
hands. Send your Holy Spirit to guide me. Father, create in me a deeper
hunger and thirst for you. When the hot sun of loneliness beats down upon
my brow, let me find shelter within the sanctuary of your wounds. When
the snake and scorpion come to lure me away from you, let me remember
that my only comfort lies within the contemplation of your holy passion.
Though my soul is experiencing labor pains, grant me the courage to grow
as you desire it. Let me remember, Father, that you are the only water in
the desert of aridity. Father, when it is time for my birth as a new spiritual
being, I desire you to cut the umbilical cord of complacency. Walk with
me ,O Lord, through the desert and stay ever by my side, my Lord and my
God. Amen.

An Aspiration during a Time of Temptation
(February 19, 1996)
Lord, Holy God, may these temptations pass through your sacred
wounds and return to me as gentle thoughts.

Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
for Protection and Intercession
(February 24, 1996)
Mother of the Eternal Flame of Love, Mother of the Heart and Soul
of All That is Seen and Unseen, let your heart be a hiding place for sinners.
Let your heart be the cavern that I may find the eternal shelter and peace
that God so longs to bestow upon me. Mother Immaculate, please permit
your mantle of grace and protection to shield me from the eyes of God and
from the evil one’s plots to capture my soul. Mother, so full of love and
tenderness, permit me to rest in the sanctuary of your most Immaculate
Heart. Let your Immaculate Heart be as the nest for the Lord’s lost
sparrows to return. May the name of my beloved Jesus be praised and
adored and blessed from every heart and tongue forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer Before Every Endeavor
(March 7, 1996)
O Holy God, brutalized for my offenses, given a king’s robe in
mockery, given a king’s scepter in mockery, please take this cloak which
is a cloak of authority and holiness, and cover our work with it. In this way,
you will be glorified and our work will be blessed in heaven. O Holy Jesus,
our King, please permit us to be your subjects. Let the garment that
touched your Holy and Sacred Body touch us and our work. This will turn
all mockeries and persecutions into abundant blessings. May the name of
the King of Israel be honored and adored for all eternity. Amen.

Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Will of God
(March 10, 1996)
Abundant God of Love and Mercy, Source of all Comfort and
Peace, let your Holy Perfect Will consume me. Let the Will of God be my
food day and night, for I shall have no rest outside the sanctuary of your
Holy Will. I consecrate and offer myself to be the keeper of the house of
your Holy Will, for your Will is as a house ,O Lord, where the walls and roof
fortify and protect one. I consecrate myself to guard the sanctuary of your
Holy Will as a priceless treasure. I consecrate myself to be the pliable
metal for you to use as you desire. I consecrate my heart to your Sacred
Heart, that I may be used freely and without reservation by God Almighty.
May the name of the Lord be blessed and adored for all eternity, and may
the Holy Perfect Will of God be cherished as the light within the darkness.

Prayer Prior to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
(March 20, 1996)
Blessed God, sweep the floor of my heart and cast the garbage of
my sins into the ocean of forgiveness. Let me have no thoughts, no
concerns, no adversaries in my heart when I come to Mass. Let my heart
be unshackled from its human bondage so that as I approach your altar, my
heart shall be an empty vessel ready for you to use as you will. Let me not
permit worldly adversaries to come between thee and me. Let my ears
hear only your voice. Let my mouth speak only your words. Let everything
I think, and say, and do, be for the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob. Let my heart beat with yours all the days of my life. Amen.

Prayer for the Suffering Souls in Purgatory
(April 18, 1996)
O Eternal Wisdom, glorious in majesty, soothe the pain of your
children in purgatory. Let them drink from the eternal fountain of your
mercy. Send your most holy Mother to comfort and nurture those who are
suffering. Father, let the most Blessed Virgin Mary present to you all those
who suffer in the fires of purification, for it is through her motherly womb
they shall be brought into the eternal heaven. For just as the birth of our
precious Lord, the womb of Mary, our Mother, purifies and sanctifies all
souls, she is the bridge between purgatory and heaven. Therefore, we
commit their souls to her Immaculate Heart.
Oh, what blessings does the Queen of Heaven and Earth obtain for
sinners. Listen, O Israel. Listen, O Israel. Listen, O Israel. Amen.

Prayer before the Tabernacle
(April 23,1996)
Father most merciful, most majestic in glory, teach us to breathe
mercy as your beloved Son did, for truly Christ lives in us. Let every breath
we take be as his last one—the one that obtained for us all the blessings
from Heaven. Father, in your most intimate love heaven is made manifest
upon the earth in the Holy Sanctuary of the Tabernacle. When we view the
tabernacle, let us see your beloved Son, Jesus, taking his last breath for
love of us. O God of Mercies, we bless you. Amen.

Prayer for Comfort through the Sacred Wounds
(May 7, 1996)
Lord of Infinite Vision, Lord of All Interior Quests, Lord of the Weak
and of the Mighty, you are a sanctuary for the weak and humble of heart.
You, O Lord, are a branch for the sparrow. You, O Lord, are a leaf to cover
and protect all creatures. Grant us refuge in your holy sacred wounds.
Bathe us in their sweet consolations. Feed us with their sweet and holy
nourishment. It is through your sacred wounds that one may journey ever
closer to your heart. May the name of the Lord be praised and adored
forever. Amen.

Prayer for Discernment
(June 28, 1996)
Father of the Four Corners of All the Heaven and Earth, teach us
to discern between your most majestic and holy influence, and that of the
malignant deceiver. Though the deceiver places luxurious carpeting under
our bare feet, let us feel the sting of the nails. Eternal Father, let us not be
fooled by the mirages in the desert of sin. For only you, Lord, give us the
water from the chalice of your mercy. Let us always recall your attributes
and be steadfast and without hesitation to pursue the Kingdom of God. For
as we pursue the Kingdom of God, all things, therefore, shall be given. In
the name of the God of Israel, be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Angel Stephen
(August 3, 1996)
Beloved Stephen, guardian divine, come into our homes and
hearts. Take there up thy rest and assist us in all our endeavors. May the
name of the God of Israel be blessed forever. Amen.

Prayer of Dedication to the Sovereignty of the Heart of God
(September 4, 1996)
Almighty and Everlasting Eternal Father, who knows the wilderness
of each heart, come with your grace and heavenly aid. Pour forth water on
the desert of each heart. Quench our thirst. Still our desires. Let you
alone become our desire. Let our hearts mourn for you, for you are the
only true consolation of the soul. May the name of the God of Israel be
blessed forever. Amen.