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Disciples of Mercy at St. Joseph’s Church in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

We invite  you to read the Acknowledgment on pages iii – xiv of Volume Three which contains an excellent overview of our efforts in these matters to ensure Lori’s authenticity.  Please observe the texts also had been reviewed  by noted authorities in the field of mystical theology, i.e.,  the late Rev. Joachim Tierney, O.C.S.O.   and internationally renowned Mariologist, Rev. Rene Laurentin (whose interview of Lori G. is reported in 3 consecutive issues of Stella Maris March, April and May 1997) as well as those highly respected for doctrinal theology, specifically,   the late Rev. Albert Moraczewski,O.P., former President of John XXIII Center for Medical-Moral Research and Dr. Sixto Garcia, Professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies at  St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, Boynton Beach, Florida.  Please see photographs on pages 235 and 236 of Volume Three.
Because we are dedicated to spreading these messages to “the four corners of the earth,” we are grateful when the Lord opens the doors for us to introduce these messages both on an individual basis as well as through our  presence at prayer groups or conferences.  The Disciples of Mercy are also blessed with a healing ministry. We are always revitalized when we witness the power of God as he uses us to bring healing, spiritual, emotional and physical, whether it be nationally or internationally.

We have many testimonial letters as a witness to the fruits that are borne when the Disciples of Mercy share The Heart of God with others. In the process of evangelization, the Lord bestowed his graces through the prayers He gave us through Lori, to be shared with all in need of emotional, spiritual and physical healing- from Lima, where hundreds of Catholics were touched during our talks about the Blessed Mother’s role in bringing us to the Heart of her Son, to Pittsburgh, to Florida where children from the ages of three to sixteen have raised their hearts to God during the Children of Mercy prayer group.
We close with one of the thirty five prayers Jesus and the Blessed Mother had taught us.  The following is a message from the Blessed Mother derived from The Heart of God, Volume Three, February 24, 1996.  In this message she teaches a prayer requesting her loving intercession:

My children, there is a pathway from the mire of sin to the bliss of Jesus’ love.  That pathway is my Immaculate Heart.  If you desire this, you may implore my help in the following way:

Mother of the Eternal Flame of Love, Mother of the Heart and Soul of All That is Seen and Unseen, let your heart be a hiding place for sinners.  Let your heart be the cavern that I may find the eternal shelter and peace that God so longs to bestow upon me.  Mother Immaculate, please permit your mantle of grace and protection to shield me from the eyes of God and from the evil one’s plots to capture my soul.  Mother, so full of love and tenderness, permit me to rest in the sanctuary of your most Immaculate Heart.  Let your Immaculate Heart be as the nest for the Lord’s lost sparrows to return.  May the name of my beloved Jesus be praised and adored and blessed from every heart and tongue forever and ever.  Amen.

Disciples Veronica and Ralph Mueller at their mission, House of Divine Mercy- Mission Possible in Lima, Peru